Invited session

Some special sessions on specific topics are scheduled. The papers presented are invited by the session chairs.

SS1 – Demand response: the challenge of the next future

Session Chair: F. Massaro (University of Palermo)

SS2 – Energy efficient and safe solutions for a smart environment
Session Chair: F. Bisegna (University of Rome)

SS3 – Energy Storage
Session Chair: D. Poli (University of Pisa)

SS4 – Global Grounding System
Session Chair: G. Parise (University of Rome)

SS5 – Grounding and EMC
Session Chair: G. Ala (University of Palermo)

SS6 – Lightning
Session Chair: C. Mazzetti di Pietralata (University of Rome)

SS7 – Modelling, Management and Control of Microgrids & Smart Energy Systems for Urban and Industrial Applications
Session Chair: F. Delfino (University of Genova)

SS8 – Nanomaterials and nanotechnologies for Energy and Electronics
Session Chairs: A. Rinaldi (ENEA-UTTMAT Casaccia RC), A. Notargiacomo (CNR)

SS9 – Voltage Regulation: from Hierarchical to Distributed Power Generation and Control
Session Chair: G. Sulligoi (University of Trieste)

SS10 –  Sustainable Transport Systems – technologies and challenges
Session Chair: F. Foiadelli (Politecnico di Milano)

SS11 – Unconventional Energy Conversion I
Session Chair: A. Lampasi (ENEA)

SS12 – Unconventional Energy Conversion II
Session Chair: p. Zito (ENEA)

SS13 – Environmental Monitoring Using Satellites
Session Chairs: Erricos C. Pavlis (University of Maryland), A. Paolozzi (University of Rome)